puzzlesolution    THE SOLUTION


"The Solution" is a division of SCN Insight, LLC  focused on Operational problem solving and the exploitation of operational opportunities.  The divison enjoys over sixty years of leadership experience from the shop floor to the board room. 


The focus is the global Consumer Packaged Goods industry including OTC Drugs, food, cosmetics, and personal care.


"Our work with your team will find

the right solution to your problem and implement it!"



The SOLUTION'S  Applications:

  • Mergers & Aquisitions (M&A) Due Diligence
  • M&A transitional services
  • Private Equity performance improvement
  • Operational turnarounds
  • Plant closure
  • Plant start up
  • Logistics Optimization
  • Strategic Planning
  • Execution Excellence
  • Supplier evaluation, selection and performance metrics
  • Customer Service and relationship managment
  • Leadership Substituion

 The SOLUTION'S  Methodology


1.  Work as a player....not as a spectator

2.  Find, validate and follow the data

3.  Fit the tactic to the strategy

4.  Evaluation process to fit the decision timing

5.  Provide options and contingencies

6.  Strive for flawless execution






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