SCN Insight's Training Portal


When you select SCN Insight, you have immediate access to the Platform for Performnace

The Training component of the Platform is filled with customized seminars and programs created for individuals and corporations.  Regulatory compliance training is taken to a new interactive level with enhanced participation.  You may attend all or one of the programs and/or seminars... the choice is yours.

Seminars and programs are
offered "live" or via a customized, e-format to make learing available when YOU are!  All of the seminars and/or programs are available via the web upon request.  The list of available seminars is updated regularly.
Customized and trademarked programs are:


  • Due Diligence Techniques for M&A Excellence
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • ACT Leadership (A=Analyze, C=Coach, T=Train)
  • TEAM 1 (certified team building modules)
  • UR1 (talent development modules)
  • Executive coaching
  • Interactive and captivating orientation processes
  • Personalized industry specific training
  • HR and Safety Compliance training

Seminar Topics:

  • Project Managment
  • What is an effective Technology Transfer?
  • Distribution and Logistics Mapping
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Procurement Strategies and Their Execution
  • Due Diligence 101
  • Getting Control of Inventory
  • The Memorable and Effective Orientation
  • The Alphabets of Compliance
  • Lead and Really mean it
  • SHOEPRINTS - A Step in the Right Direction
  • So you want to Supervise
  • Conflict to Collaboration
  • Teambuilding 101 & 102
  • What is a KPI? (Key Performance Indicator) 
  • Let's Just Talk  (effective communication)
  • You are Who? (the creation and presentation of the one minute stump speech)
  • Let's Climb "A" ladder for Success 
    (an effective skills assessment is conducted and reviewed)


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